Vendor Permit Application

Welcome to the Official Pueblo of Acoma – Online Vendor Permit Application

This Vendor Permit application must be completed in order the conduct business on Acoma Tribal lands according to Title 14-Section 8 of the Acoma Tax Code passed in 2010 by the Acoma Tribal Council. Vendors that are required to register include: 1) Food vendors, 2) Arts and crafts vendors, and 3) Informational booths.
Click on the link below to view a map of available spaces.

Vendor Spaces Map


INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the Vendor Permit application below. Food vendors must have a valid Food Handlers Certificate displayed and available for inspection. Applicable fees based on daily or feast day permit rates shall apply. A representative from the Acoma Tax Office will contact you within two business days to confirm the registration process is complete.

By submitting this application, you agree that the information is accurate and will adhere to all guidelines and regulations of the Pueblo of Acoma.


Please contact the Office of Taxation & Assessments at (505)552-5125 or