Communications Department

Communications Department

Mission Statement


We the Pueblo of Acoma Public Safety Dispatch Center are dedicated to the community in-which we serve.  We see and acknowledge the need for human compassion; we will strive to treat each individual with dignity and respect.  Our model of success is teamwork, the standard is excellence.

Program Information and Services
The Pueblo of Acoma Dispatch Center Team consists of 5 individuals.  Currently they are:  Corey Pasquale, Jolene Shroulote, Traci Ray, Raymond Ray, Zaria Valenzuela

Training is received at the New Mexico State Police Telecommunications Academy in Santa Fe NM or in Artesia NM, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  Classes are held for three weeks and various topics are discussed.  Such as but not limited to:  Liability, Stress Management, Suicidal Callers, to name a few.  Each segment must be passed with a 70% or better.

As a Public Safety Dispatch Center, we are here to serve the community  24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We receive information from the public and from emergency services personnel (police, fire, medical, and wildlife), at a public safety answering point.  This is commonly referred to as a 911 center.  The job involves the operation of complex communication equipment; including but not limited to a two-way radio, multi-line telephone systems and computers.

Both emergency and non-emergency calls are handled and field personnel are dispatched to a variety of calls.  The Telecommunicator must have thorough knowledge of the local geography, and understanding of needs and equipment, and be able to work within department policy and procedures.  Problem solving and decision making skills, with minimum supervision, are also required.  Records of transmissions received and or transmitted must be accurate, as well as constant status of all field operations.  The Telecommunicator must also be able to perform simultaneous functions.

The Communications Department is based on serving the community and practices a high set of standards to protect the social integrity of our people while exercising the right to uphold social laws.


If you have any questions you may contact the Communications Department directly at the number below:

The Pueblo of Acoma Dispatch Center can be reached at (505)552-6601 or (505)552-6602. 
Fax number:  (505)552-6206