Facilities Department

Facilities Department

The Facilities Maintenance Department is responsible for housekeeping and maintenance services for all Tribal Government offices and administrative departments. Services are provided Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Facilities personnel can be reached at (505) 552-5165.

Current Staff:
Bernard Lewis, Facilities Director
Anita Lowden, Facilities Manager Dylan Vallo, Custodian
Arnold Arkie, Maintenance Technician Manuel Garcia, Custodian
Aaron Garcia, Maintenance Technician Ophelia Howeya, Custodian
Lawrence Histia, Lead Custodian Reynold Louis, Custodian
Melanie Toribio, Custodian William Garcia, Custodian
Conran Levantonio, Custodian Vacant, Custodian


**Type of routine cleaning that housekeepers are responsible for are described below.

Offices are cleaned to conform to the following cleaning standards:

1. All trash is removed from the office(s) daily.
2. If the floor is tiled, it is dust mopped and damp mopped if needed.
3. Desktops are cleaned as needed.
4. Upholstered furniture is cleaned when requested and time allows.
5. Carpeted floors are shampooed when possible.
6. Glass doors and windows are cleaned daily.

The following cleaning standards apply to restrooms.

 1. All toilet, urinal, and sink surfaces are sanitized daily.
2. Mirrors are cleaned daily.
3. Stainless stall dividers cleaned daily.
4. Soap dispensers are checked and cleaned daily.
5. Paper towels dispensers are checked and cleaned daily.
6. Floors are swept and disinfected daily.
7. Walls are washed as needed.
8. Restrooms are serviced throughout the day.


**Type of maintenance services provided are described below:


1. General maintenance and repairs on plumbing, and electrical.
2. Build partitions, drywall, tape, texture, and paint.
3. Preventive maintenance to ensure building systems operates efficiently.
4. Inspect physical condition of buildings.
5. Follow HVAC checklist on motors, belts, and filters.
6. Work order requests are completed when possible depending on nature of work.