Acoma Ditch Bosses

Acoma Ditch Bosses

2024 Tribal Irrigation Ditch Bosses

For Assistance call 505-552-6604 or 505-362-1781

Head Irrigation Ditch Boss Wayne Salvador, Jr.
Irrigation Ditch Boss Marcus Leno Vallo Dam/Romero Pass
Irrigation Ditch Boss Porfilio Garcia Romero Pass/South Acomita
Irrigation Ditch Boss Henai Lucario Anzac/South McCarty
Irrigation Ditch Boss Xavier Taptto Walter Juanico/North Acomita
Irrigation Ditch Boss Cody Ascencio Daaskra/Acomita Lake
Irrigation Ditch Boss Phillip Garcia North McCarty/Rinconado Wash

Each year, it is asked of the Acoma Male Community Members, by the appointed Irrigation Ditch Bosses, to help with preparation of the irrigation ditches for the upcoming farming season.  It is encouraged to plant at your gardens and fields and request the following from all:

  1. Contact the Irrigation Ditch Boss in your area to request for use of water.  This includes pumping water fromt he ditch and the Rio San Jose.
  2. Alfalfa fields will be watered ONLY during the night hours.
  3. NO planting small gardens outside your homes and using domestic water from your outdoor faucet.
  4. When irrigating fields, NEVER block the water.  Keep the water running in the ditch.
  5. Clean out waterways leading into fields.
  6. Irrigation on Saturdays and Sundays are for Laguna farmers ONLY.
  7. If you reside near the irrigation ditches, PLEASE KEEP AREAS CLEAN, PICK UP TRASH!
  8. NO ILLEGAL DUMPING of motor oil, hydraulic oil, gasoline or any other contaminants near or in the ditch.
  9. If you did not participate in Community Ditch Work, pleas pay your community ditch work fee at the Acoma Community Center-Accounting Department before requesting the use of ditch water.
    1. $80.00 – Acoma Tribal Community Members
    2. $100.00 – Non-Acoma In-Laws

​​It is pertinent that you follow these requests during the farming season.  If a farmer does not comply with the above requests, the following actions will be taken:

  1. Verbal Warning from the Ditch Boss(es)
  2. Written Warning Letter from the Ditch Boss(es) and the Governor’s Office.
  3. Water outlet to field will be closed, chained and locked, and irrigation privileges will be taken away until notified from the Ditch Boss(es).  You will be assessed a fine and/or any legal action will be taken for any attempt to tamper or damage outlet gate, chain, or lock.

Thank you for your understanding and may all farmers have a good planting and harvesting season.

Tsits’i Miayaruuma