Acoma Tribal Court

Acoma Tribal Court

Contact Information



Mailing Address
PO Box, Acoma, NM 87034

Physical Address
74B Pinsbaari Drive, Acoma, NM 87034

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Tribal Court Staff

Judge Randolph Collins, Chief Judge

Christy Pino, Court Administrator

Ada Seymour, Civil Court Clerk

Leila Chavez, Criminal Court Clerk

Tiffany Lorenzo, Traffic Court Clerk

Vacant, Wellness Court Clerk

Jaynie Lewis-Garcia, Victims of Crime Advocate

Joe Arite, Prosecutor

Kristina Faught-Hollar, Prosecutor

Walter Johnson, Probation Officer

The Pueblo of Acoma has always been, and is now, an Indian nation which is recognized by the United States as inherently possessing all sovereign authority, except as explicitly limited by the Pueblo of Acoma or by the laws of the United States.

The laws of the Pueblo of Acoma are set out in writing at this time to protect the public welfare of the Acoma Pueblo Community, specifically:

a)To protect and respect the peace of all persons of the Acoma Community and their property within the territorial boundaries of the Pueblo;

b)To protect the natural resources and beauty of the Pueblo;

c)To protect the traditions, customs, land base and human resources of the Pueblo; and

d)To preserve the life ways, spiritual and physical land base and resources of the Pueblo to provide a tribal home for present and future generations.

Pueblo of Acoma Law And Order Code