Acoma Leadership Development Initiative

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Acoma Leadership Development Initiative (ALDI)


Vision Statement

Our vision is a strong and dynamic Acoma community that is a place of respect, compassion, and tradition where youth are loved, encouraged, challenged, and supported for their lifelong wellbeing.

Program History

The Acoma Department of Education received the CTAS grant in the year of 2017. The grant is to be a generalized community based prevention grant. But with ADoE’s grant proposal it was sought to have the grant be run through the up and coming tribally controlled school: Haak’u Community Academy. The program is part of the ADoE but based out of the school. The program uses Acoma culture and traditions as a means to teach the children of HCA holistic methods via sustaining and growing their education, culture, identity, spirituality, mentality, and person. The program is in charge of leading and hosting Cultural/Activity days, after school programming, and cultural classes specifically for HCA students, and Intersession activities.