Polling Sites

Attention Cibola County Registered Voter:

Precinct Polling Location
1 Fence Lake Community Center
2 Seboyeta Elementary School
3 San Mateo Fire Department
4 Bluewater Senior Center
5 Ramah Chapter House
6 Bluewater Acres Fire Department
7 San Rafael Elementary School
8 Grants ROTC Building South Campus
9 Mount Taylor Elementary School
10 Grants CAP Office
11 Los Alamitos Middle School
12 The Way, Truth and Life Ministries
13 Grants City Hall
14 Febco Fire Station
15 Milan Parks and Recreation
16 NMSU Grants Branch College
17 Acoma Tribal Building
18 Cubero Elementary School
19 Cibola County Complex
20 Old Laguna High School-K’awaika Gallery
21 Mesita Recreation Building
22 Paguate Bender Hall
23 Encinal Recreation Building
24 Paraje Recreation Building
25 Seama Recreation Building