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Contact Information

505-552-6671 x 226

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Physical Address
44 Pinsbaari Drive, Acoma, NM 87034

Mailing Address
PO Box 307, Acoma, NM 87034

FACE Staff

Larissa Judd

Larissa Judd

Parent Educator

Christen Tenorio

Christen Tenorio

Adult Education Teacher

Ashley Mariano

Ashley Mariano

Student Educator

Family and Child Education (FACE) Program


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Haak’u Community Academy Family and Child Education (FACE) Program is to is to strengthen families and provide quality educational and lifelong opportunities for Native American families from Early Childhood through Adult Life.

Program Goals

The overall goals of the FACE Program are to:

  • Support parents/primary caregiver in their role as their children’s first and most influential teacher.
  • Strengthen family-school-community connections.
  • Increase participation in their child’s learning and expectations for academic achievement.
  • Support and celebrate the unique cultural and linguistic diversity of each American Indian community served by the program.

FACE also serves K-3rd grade families at the Haak’u Community Academy, working toward supporting families in Adult Education and 1-Hour (weekly) PACT Time that takes place in the elementary school setting.

Participant Eligibility
  • Be a Native American Child
  • Comply with: Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, PACT Time and Parent Time
What is PACT Time?

FACE Parents/caregivers dedicated 1 hour everyday to interact with their children in the Center-Based FACE classroom, allowing for their child to lead. Parents/caregivers will be able to support their child’s learning.

  • Promote family literacy
  • Home-Based families must be active in visits
  • Center-Based families must participate in FACE center-based programs
What We Offer
  • Free books offered monthly
  • Field Trips
  • Incentives
  • In Adult Education, adults work toward obtaining their goals
Home-Based FACE Services
  • 1-hour home visits
  • Tracked progress of Infant milestones
  • ASQ Screenings
  • Hearing/Vision Screenings
  • PACT Time
Center-Based FACE Services

Center-Based FACE is located at the Haak’u Community Academy

  • Child 3-5 years of age, are prepared for the transition for Kindergarten.
  • Reflect on their culture and community
  • Early childhood teachers help parents in learning about their child’s development
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks are provided for FACE Center-Based children
Center-Based Adult Education
  • Parents/caregivers in the Adult Education classroom focus on their personal, academic, or career goals.
  • Gain educational training
  • Job training
  • PACT Time with Center Based Children
  • GED test prep