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Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program for Natives

State of New Mexico Indian Affairs Department The New Mexico Departments of Workforce Solutions (DWS) and Indian Affairs (IAD) are partnering to assist members of the state’s Nations, Pueblos and Tribes in applying for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program...

Internet Service Provider Emergency Offerings

NM Public Education Department The following emergency offerings by Internet Service Providers was compiled by the NM Public Education Department (PED) and the Homework Gap Team (PED, Department of Information Technology, State Library, Public Schools Facility...

Resources for Educators and School Leaders

NM Public Education Department The goal of this document is to share information about resources available to students, parents and educators, to allow school instruction to continue during the NM schools closure.


BIA Pathways Program

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Pathways Program offers paid internships and scholarships for emerging leaders who are seeking degrees in natural resources management, forestry and other related environmental and biological science fields.

CDEC Scholarships

In 1989, the Continental Divide Electric Education Foundation was established to assist CDEC members with scholarship money, which comes from unclaimed “capital credits.” These credits are invested by the co-op and the earnings are used for educational grants.

NM Legislative Lottery Scholarship Program

The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship will pay a portion of tuition (up to an undergraduate degree)

NMGAS Native American Scholarship Program

Online applications will be accepted beginning April 1-May 10, 2019.

PACE Opportunity Fund

Providing support of academic and athletic opportunities to students, athletes, and organizations. Must be submitted at least 1 week prior to scheduled activity.

POA Utility Authority Scholarship exp. 080219

Spring Semester Applications-January 6th, 2019 Summer Semester Applications-June 7th, 2019. Fall Semester Applications -August 2nd, 2019.

UNM Scholarship Office

The Office of Admissions along with the Office of Financial Aid administer the majority of Scholarships at the University of New Mexico. Scholarship awards and selection processes are subject to change. Scholarships are traditionally known as merit-based, and a competitive process usually accompanies the activities surrounding selection and monitoring of the various programs. Major responsibilities and duties within the scholarship structure deal with the formation of student programs and the administration of these programs.


BIA Pathways Program

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Pathways program offers paid internships and scholarships for emerging leaders who are seeking degrees in natural resources management, forestry, and other related environmental and biological science fields.

UNM Health Sciences Center Student Programs

Get involved in programs at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNM HSC) that equip the next generation of health professionals and leaders for academic success.

USFS Resource Assistants

United States Forest Service Resource Assistants work on Forest Service locations under the supervision of agency staff. Types of work include monitoring species, conducting research and supporting agency operations.

Economic Development Incentives

The Pueblo of Acoma has resources available to assist businesses wishing to relocate or expand on the Pueblo of Acoma. The Pueblo has adopted a local economic development act (LEDA) ordinance, which allows us to engage in economic development activities to comply with the State of New Mexico’s anti-donation clause. The Pueblo works throughout the Acoma Business Board, to qualify applicants and to negotiate agreements that allow businesses to take advantage of these resources.

Click here to view or print the Request for Economic Development Incentives.

Pueblo of Acoma Executive Orders:

8/9/2021 TA-2020-01(Amendment 5) COVID-19 Novel Variant Response

8/9/2021 TA-2020-01(Amendment 4) COVID-19 Delta Variant Response

6/25/2021 TA-2020-01(Amendment 3) Lifting of Some Closure Restrictions

3/30/20201 TA-2020-01(Amendment 2) Modified Closure and School Opening Response

10/28/2020 TA-2020-03 Weekend Lockdown, Public Health Emergency Order

10/20/2020 TA-2020-01 (Amendment 1) Modified Pueblo Closure and Funeral Restrictions

6/30/2020 TA-2020-02 Fireworks Ban

4/10/2020 TA-2020-01 COVID-19 Pandemic Response